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Does your strategy work?

80% of leaders often believe their strategy is crystal clear — yet only 55% of frontline staff concur. This disconnect can cost your organization dearly

As a Columbia professor with over 15 years of experience in product strategy, I bridge this 25% gap. My workshops and consultations focus on transforming abstract strategies into clear, actionable outcomes, aligning your team and maximizing productivity.

Statistics reveal a startling truth: nearly half of all teams fail to achieve even half of their strategic objectives. Having worked with product teams from companies like Google, Mailchimp, and Casper, my unique approach, tested with over 300 product managers, ensures your team won’t be part of this statistic. Through my ‘Survival Metrics’ tool, teams have saved up to $10 million and significantly accelerated product development.

Join me and learn not just to write strategy, but to internalize and execute it effectively, enhancing trust and efficiency across your organization.

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I can help you and your team make better decisions consistently and nail your business goals.

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Worked With:

The High Cost of Inaction: Why Your Product Strategy Can’t Wait

Why ‘going with the flow’ can lead to strategic chaos

According to Forbes, dysfunctional strategies can cost companies billions, with a b, in lost revenue and wasted resources. Without effective coaching, new product leaders often find themselves in a reactive mode—constantly putting out fires instead of proactively leading their teams. This not only hampers your growth but also creates a culture of uncertainty and low morale among your team members.

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My Philosophy: We solve big problems through facilitation, not “one size fit all” thinking.

If you’re weary of consultants who offer a one-size-fits-all “playbook” without delving into the nuances of your situation, I am the trainer you’ve been yearning for. I employ a dynamic working model fueled by kinetic energy and iterative feedback. Our joint venture involves a quest for the right strategic path, one built upon the foundation of what already exists within your organization

My approach is rooted in the conviction that product managers serve as facilitators – not mini-CEO’s, orchestrating a harmonious interplay between team members and stakeholders to make informed decisions consistently. I excel in environments where clients are intellectually curious, open to robust debate, and committed to a collaborative ethos.

My ideal client is a hybrid between Sherlock Holmes and Tony Stark—smart, willing to learn, and unafraid to challenge the status quo. If you’re seeking a mere echo chamber or a repository of ready-made answers, I’m not for you

What do I offer?

I help companies make better decisions more consistently with their product management teams.

Empower Your Team with Effective Facilitation Skills

Invest in training that not only builds trust within your product team but also ensures strategic execution.
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Elevate Your Event with Actionable Insights

Engage me as a speaker or emcee to deliver content that drives your audience to take meaningful action.
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Transform Your Team’s Strategic Vision

Refine your team’s product strategy to convey a crystal-clear vision to all essential stakeholders.
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Is Your Team Struggling with Misaligned Goals? Equip Them for Success

Are your teams working in silos, focusing on tasks like feature development, neglecting customer satisfaction metrics, or misunderstanding company objectives? 

Misalignment not only leads to wasted effort but also missed revenue opportunities. The emotional toll of seeing a team’s energy wasted can be disheartening.  Our workshops are meticulously designed to align the team’s efforts with the businesses strategic goals, turning ambiguity into actionable plans.

Your team will be able to articulate and execute strategies that are directly tied to measurable business outcomes built by

  • Customized workshops to align product decisions with KPIs and real-world metrics.
  • Scalable training modules that can be integrated into your existing L&D programs.
  • Post-workshop analytics to track skill adoption and decision-making efficiency.

I’ve been fortunate to be mentored by Adam for some time now, and his guidance has unequivocally upgraded my skills as a product manager. He’s improved my ability to set and create product strategies and ability to measure success for large-scale software products. When it came to bridging the gap from thinking from the perspective of a middle-level product manager to a genuine product leader, Adam was essential in making that leap.

Dave, Head of Product

Is Your Event Lacking Impact? Elevate It with Actionable Insights

Are your conference speakers delivering generic advice like “be innovative,” offering vague industry trends, or failing to engage the audience with actionable steps?

An event without impact is a missed opportunity for attendee growth and satisfaction. The stress of hosting an underwhelming event can weigh heavily on you.

My speaking engagements are packed with actionable insights, tailored to your event’s theme, ensuring your audience leaves with valuable, implementable strategies. Your event will be the talk of LinkedIn – with attendees actively applying what they’ve learned because we’ve:

  • Tailored workshop content to fit the theme and focus of your conference.
  • Captured real-time audience engagement metrics for a measurable attendee experience.
  • Launched post-event surveys and analytics to validate attendee satisfaction and learning.

For a year, I had the pleasure of working with Adam as my direct superior. Above all, I was impressed by Adam’s ability to empower his teams. His coaching and storytelling skills are unparalleled. I am grateful to have been part of Adam’s team. It was an inspiring year jam-packed with lessons that made me a better communicator and product manager.

Robert,Senior Product manager

Is Your Strategy Failing You? Transform Your Team’s Approach

Are you grappling with a fragmented product strategy, where one team prioritizes speed-to-market, another focuses on feature richness, and yet another is stuck in analysis paralysis?  

A lack of cohesive strategy not only affects your bottom line but also erodes team morale. The personal frustration of leading a misaligned team can be overwhelming.  

I offer intensive sessions aimed at cutting through the noise, focusing your team on impactful, data-driven decisions. Your team will make decisions that are not only data-driven but also aligned with your overarching business goals, leading to faster time-to-market and higher ROI beacuse we’ve

  • Crafted intensive team-building exercises aimed at aligning your product roadmap.
  • Built customized strategy sessions to clarify and standardize terminology and goals.
  • Engaged with data sources to measure improved alignment and reduced time to mark


 How long does it take to see results?

The timeline varies, but most clients see significant improvements within 3-6 months.

What industries do you specialize in?

My expertise spans multiple industries, all with a focus on strategy. I’ve worked with companies that range from DTCC to SmartRecruiters – with my concepts finding use in companies ranging from Google to Mailchimp/Intuit.

How do you measure success?

Success is measured using KPIs that we establish together based on your strategic goals.

What’s your experience?

With 15 years in the field, I’ve helped both startups and Fortune 500 companies improve their product strategy.

Do you offer remote workshops?

Yes, I offer both in-person and remote workshops.

How customizable are your services?

My services are fully customizable to meet your specific strategic needs.

What’s your pricing model?

Pricing is project-based and varies depending on your strategic needs.

Do you offer ongoing support?

Yes, ongoing support is available as part of our service packages.

How do we get started?

The first step is a strategy consultation to assess your needs.

What if we already have a strategy in place?

I can help refine and optimize your strategy for better results through focusing on making it more operational, creating clearer communication artifacts, or sharpening the priorities.

 How do you measure real-time audience engagement during the workshop?

I utilize interactive tools like live polls, Q&A sessions, and real-time feedback to gauge audience engagement. These metrics are provided to you as part of the post-event analytics.