Transform Your Product Strategy into Operational Success

I help teams turn vague strategies into actionable plans for overwhelmed product teams.

Expertise in Product Leadership and Strategy Implementation

With over 15 years of experience, I help product teams plan and succeed. I focus on teamwork, trust, and smart decisions.

Here is what I offer

Team Coaching Sessions

Tailored coaching sessions to enhance team performance and alignment.

Product Strategy Workshops

 Interactive workshops to develop and refine your product strategies.

Keynote Speaking & Hosting

Keynotes and presentations that inspire and educate.

Over 15 Years of Experience

Have built mulitple teams – hiring over 50 PM’s in my career.

My concepts have been used at dozens of companies like Mailchimp, Intuit, and Pfizer.

Over 1,000 workshop hours – delivered live in North America and Europe, and digitally across the world.

Why Choose Me?

Proven Success

I’ve helped teams achieve up to a 90% employee retention rate

Customized Approach

Solutions tailored to your specific challenges and goals.

Actionable Insights

Practical frameworks and tools for immediate impact.

Experienced Facilitator

Trusted by companies like Google, BP, and SmartRecruiters

Here is how we will work together

Discovery call

Let’s figure out how we can solve your product issues.

Make it yours

We will create a custom process to level up your team

Support growth

 Ongoing guidance to ensure successful execution.

Adam Thomas is no stranger to the hurdles product professionals face every day.

From his early days as a system programmer to his role as VP of Product at various growth-stage organizations, Adam has continuously managed the delicate balance between customer needs, team dynamics, and organizational goals. Over his 15+ year journey, Adam has spearheaded many transformative initiatives, from scaling product teams, launching long-delayed products, and achieving a 90% employee retention rate. Through these experiences, Adam has learned that successful product teams make space for the tension-filled conversations that help them make data-driven decisions, rather than following gut instincts.

Through workshop facilitation, keynote presentations, and product education, Adam helps teams make space for these essential, tension-filled conversations. These conversations help product leaders transform their vague, misunderstood strategies into actionable plans that enable them effectively deliver customer-focused products and drive results.

(Adam Thomas’s) Survival Metrics has been the most useful product concept I’ve used in the last 5 years

Matt LeMay

Author, Product Management in Practi=ce

Survival Metrics Workshop (4.9/5 Rating)

Learn how to build metrics that help you pivot with strategy in a fast, data informed, and politically safe way.

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