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Product vision, strategy, and OKR’s are useful only if teams use them. Let’s talk about how to make them alive.

Product management is now, moment to moment.

With over 15 years in the industry, I’ve worked with companies like Google, O’Reilly Media, and PWC to bring products to life. But what really excites me is sharing this knowledge to ignite ‘lightbulb moments’ in product teams.

I’ve worked with companies such as

Do I sound a little enthusiastic about this? It’s because I am. 

I’m a product expert and consultant with over 15 years in the industry, but speaking and workshopping is what it’s really all about for me. It’s a chance to get in there with product teams and provide the kind of context and perspective that reliably leads to lightbulb moments and rekindles their passion for products.

I’m available to help teams as a workshop facilitator, or help spice up an event as a speaker or emcee that helps elevate the conversation around strategy.

Emcee, Speaker, Workshop Facilitator

I can help your event in a multitude of ways. In-person, or virtual, I’ve got several years of experience helping make your next event extraordinary.


Let’s bring energy!

As a former comedian, I know how to get a show moving, bring people up, and keep time with gusto! Let’s chat about how to bring good vibes to your next event.


Leave with the most important thing

I’ve spoken to conferences with thousands of folks, and also to intimate internal conferences, lets tailor one of the sessions to fit your needs.

Workshop Facilitator

Deep dive into product processes

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty, the hard stuff that will transform your team. Available as an hour, half day, full day, or even multi day experiences – let level up the team!

My Current Offerings

1. Survival Metrics: Learn how to pivot in a strategic, data-informed, and politically safe way.

2. The Dreaded Product Drift: Understand why product strategies veer off-course and how to right the ship.

3. Strategy 101 with Strategic Custody: Stress-test your strategies and make them count.

4. Customize – let’s build something for your event!

Here is me on stage at NY Product Conference


Direct from the people

He (Adam) was also very thoughtful in his work, and his excitement and knowledge of the field of product management were infectious. It’s clear he’s motivated and dedicated to a high standard in this field, and I’d be happy to work with him again.

Rebecca Feliciano

Director of Operations at Product Collective | Co-Organizer of INDUSTRY: The Product Conference

Adam is an inspirational and outstanding communicator. He listens to genuinely understand. This is what makes him a brilliant coach and leader. Adam is a leader who makes leaders. He has accomplished a lot, he’s incredibly busy and yet he makes time to mentor others as they leap. 

Valarie K Horton


Adam sees in 8 dimensions. He appreciates both the big picture and the subtle details.

Trust Adam for insight, foresight, candor and (product) courage.

Eli Holder


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