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Make Product Strategy Real with Survival Metrics

Are you tired of seeing your projects fail?

Over 60% of ideas in product development do not bring positive value. This workshop teaches you how to use Survival Metrics to make faster, more informed decisions.

Workshop Takeaways:

– Implement Rapid Decision-Making: Identify problems before software is built.

– Interpret Data Collectively: Build trust and increase data literacy across the team.

– Avoid Wasted Efforts: Learn when to pivot and avoid investing in ineffective projects.

“Survival Metrics has changed my approach to product management more than anything else in the last five years”

Matt Lemay

Product Coach, Ex-Google

GB Square Placeholder

Strategic Custody: Transforming Strategy into Action

In a landscape burdened by “Reactive Strategy”—marked by inconsistent goals, disjointed product releases, and unclear metrics—this workshop is your game-changer. We focus on “High Strategic Custody,” teaching you how to shift from a reactive to a proactive, actionable blueprint in Change Management, Technological Innovation, and Operational Efficiency.


– Master the Art of Change Management: Empower your team with a consistent strategy tied to OKRs.

– Harness Technological Innovations: Utilize cutting-edge technology for aligned product releases.

– Optimize Efficiencies: Learn advanced facilitation techniques to focus stakeholders and reduce waste.

“Our team loved the workshop(strategic custody) – the practical takeaways like the rule of 7, lean coffee, the strategy kernel, etc. Basically, concrete ways we can keep learning strategy”

Katie S.

Product Manager

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