Hi! I’m Adam Thomas, and I have over 15 years of experience in product leadership. I’ve worked with top companies like Google, BP, and SmartRecruiters. I help product teams plan better, communicate well, and achieve their goals.

I teach at Columbia University and love directing theater plays in my free time.

My Journey

Check out my career milestones and achievements over the past 15 years. From my start as a system programmer to leading product strategies at major companies, see how I’ve grown and helped others succeed.

Created The Gamer Studio, a gaming magazine that entered the world of podcasting and video in the mid 00’s. Sold to a private seller in 2010.

Mainframe System Programmer -> PM managing multiple products for a company that processes over 2 quadrillion dollars a year.

Product strategist -helping companies like PWC and Google launch products in the world of AI, AR/VR, and mobile.

Led product management managing a team of 10 while driving a rewrite and new pricing strategy for the business that increased profitability

Ran multiple product portfolios containing over 15 products, hiring over 20 product people.

I work with product teams to convert their ambiguous product strategies into actionable processes so they can make data-driven decisions that lead to impactful, customer-focused products.

“Adam was critical in the process of hiring and building new teams at speed and scale. His superpower is building trust across the organization, evangalizing innovation and vision”

Frances Ibe

SVP, Tide

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How do I approach Product?

My approach to product management prioritizes discourse and conversation over top-down leadership to make space for the tension filled conversations necessary for driving results.

By tailoring frameworks and tactics to suit each organization’s unique dynamics, Adam offers a sustainable approach to product strategy and operations. He teaches teams to utilize data-driven storytelling to advocate for customers and build products that serve them. His approach has helped teams build unwavering trust—in their data, their processes, and each other—while increasing employee retention and continuously driving the product outcomes stakeholders desire.