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Knowing is half the battle. It was true for GI Joe, and it’s true for product development managers. 

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Because the product world is full of questions 

What do you build? 

There are a million choices on what to build – how do you leverage discovery to figure out which one will have the most impact?

How do you tell people about it? 

If you build something, they won’t come. That much we know is true – how do you get people on board with your latest creations?

How do you even know it’s good?

If it isn’t good – it’s a waste of time. Part of the job is pruning – so how can you get rid of what doesn’t work while keeping what does?

And these aren’t just random musings. The answers form the core of your product strategy. You know, that thing that will help you manage your product (or even products — yes, plural!) effectively. 

On this page, you’ll find juicy, value-packed resources (created and curated by yours truly, Adam Thomas, the Product Person) that will help you discover the bets you’d like to take, how to validate them, and then share them with the rest of the team. Browse below to start or continue building your industry knowledge. 

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