About Me

Hi, I'm Adam - black, short hair, jolly.
Hi, I’m Adam

Technologist, product expert, and explorer of bright ideas and big possibilities

Embarking on a Transformative Path

Every journey starts with a single step, and mine began over 15 years ago, fueled by a passion for innovation and a vision to transform ideas into impactful products. This journey has been more than a career; it’s been a quest to make meaningful differences in the world of product management.

Milestones of Growth and Leadership

Picture a team, vibrant with ideas but struggling to align them with market needs. At SmartRecuiters, I stepped into this challenge, guiding them through the adoption of dual-track agile methodologies. The transformation was palpable – a 10% market growth and soaring NPS scores, but more importantly, a team invigorated with purpose and direction.

I had the pleasure of having Adam within my team, leading a newly formed product team and product verticals. Adam was critical in the process of hiring and building this new team at speed and scale.

Where the challenge may have overwhelmed others, Adam took it in his stride, took ownership quickly and really evangelised the new product culture across R&D and the broader business. One of Adams superpowers is quickly building trust across the business and painting a compelling vision of the opportunities ahead.

Anyone who knows Adam knows he is passionate about his product craft, an energising person to be around, and will bring a different perspective to conversations.

Frances Ibe

SVP of Product

Collaborations that Shaped the Industry

Learning alongside thought leaders like Marty Cagan wasn’t just about strategic alignment; it was a masterclass in global market trends and innovative thinking. Each keynote speech, whether at Mind the Product or elsewhere, wasn’t just a talk; it was a sharing of a vision, a conversation with peers passionate about pushing boundaries.

A Foundation Built on Knowledge

Education for me has never been a checklist; it’s been a constant companion in my journey. From the corridors of the University of Maryland to the virtual classrooms of Harvard Business School, each learning experience has been a brick in the foundation of my approach to product management.

A Distinct Approach to Product Mastery

My methodology in product management is not just a set of practices; it’s a philosophy born from experience and refined through results. It’s about seeing beyond data, understanding the story it tells, and crafting solutions that resonate not just with markets but with people.

Contributions Beyond the Boardroom

Writing for Mind the Product or Product Craft has never been about just sharing knowledge; it’s been about igniting conversations, challenging norms, and contributing to a community that has given me so much.

Vision for the Future

As I look to the future, my vision is clear – to collaborate with teams and leaders who are not just looking for a consultant, but a partner in crafting legacies. Together, we can set new benchmarks in product management, creating products that don’t just meet needs but define futures.

Said it before and I’ll say it again: Survival Metrics has changed my approach more than any other concept I’ve encountered in the last 5 years. Keep up the incredible work, as always, and thank you SO MUCH for sharing this.

Matt LeMay

Author of Product Management in Practice – Ex: Google, Spotify

Join Me on This Journey

If my journey resonates with yours, if you see a future we can shape together, let’s start a conversation. Together, we can turn the challenges of today into the triumphs of tomorrow.