Now pages are inspired by Derek Sivers – and if you don’t read his stuff, you should.

So, this is mine. Updated March 2024

Job: College Professor

Well, I never thought I would say this, but somehow, I am a professor at two universities—Columbia and MICA. This has been an interesting turn. Essentially a new career – well, kinda…I am teaching product management and AI. This new role is pushing me to learn all sorts of new ways to communicate and facilitate. If you have ever been a teacher and have advice, I am all ears; I think I am going to do this for a while :-).

Speaking/ Workshopping

Still talking about Product and how to do it well. This is the 4th year I’ve been speaking, and the last year I’ve gotten the chance to speak internationally. If any of these concepts seem interesting – send me a shout.

Survival Metrics

Teams have to know when to stop. If this last era of technology taught us anything, it’s that the teams that understand how to change direction stick around. It sounds simple: Change when things aren’t great. The thing is, it’s pretty difficult to do this without a language and numbers to guide you—that’s where Survival Metrics come in. Come in with a desire to focus on what matters and leave knowing how to do so that brings others along.

Maven Workshop

Strategic Custody

What happens after you build a strategy? If you aren’t careful – it can end up just a piece of paper that no one references. Much like a tree that falls in the forest, what happens if it doesn’t make a sound?

This is why Strategy Custody is important. How your strategy travels and affects the people who are affected by it is the difference between an alive strategy and a dead one.

Overcoming the 5 Sins of Strategy

Strategy is hard; however, more than getting the right strategy is needed. You have to execute. That said, 90% of teams, according to Harvard Business Review, fail at execution. As much as we worry about getting the right strategy, we need to learn how to use what we’re given to make an impact. These five behaviors are what I’ve seen stop teams from executing.

Come in not knowing what to do with the “strategy” document, and leave with the tools to make sense and execute with whatever leadership gives you.

Self- Healing and Art

I’m journeying through my own bouts of trauma that drive my depression and anxiety. A few of the places that have manifested are in my weight (looking to lose – food was a release for feelings), my compartmentalizing of relationships, and how I lack discipline around some areas of my life.

Proud of my success using tools like somatic therapy, ketamine, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, journaling, and working out (kickboxing is a part of the routine). I’d like to work on being comfortable with quiet.

My Now Page is for just the facts :-). Thanks for reading.