Q. Who are you?

A. Try here.

Q. Who is this blog for?

This blog is a scratch pad of thoughts I have. Sometimes they are sneak peaks into what I am writing, sometimes they are good

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Q. How often do you write?

Usually, 2-3 times per week.

Q. How do you write so often?

A. Short Answer – I only owe myself three sentences.

Q. Do you work on this alone?

Yes. Keeping the ship moving.

Q.What are you working on?

  • Lead Product Manager @ SmartRecruiters – HR Tech Company
  • Head Coach @ altMBA – Leadership Workshop
  • Columnist @ BuiltIn– Product Expert

Q. What else have you worked on?

  • Director of Product – Informed
  • Product Strategy @ Philosophie – Tech Agency
  • Founder @ Arcade School – EdTech
  • System Architect @ DTCC – Financial Services
  • President of Board @ Barbershop Books – Social Impact [Literacy]
  • Founder @ The Gamer Studio – Gaming Magazine

Some other stuff that isn’t worth mentioning. Trust me. They didn’t go well. Life is full of failure.

Q. I don’t feel like digging through your site – what five articles are an excellent primer on your writing?

Q. I thought those were interesting, I would like to reach out?

Thank you. Send an email adam@theadamthomas.com and we can chat.

Q. I’d love to interview you on my podcast/radio show?

I love to do your show. Please, send an email to adam@theadamthomas.com with the subject, “MEDIA” and let’s talk about the details.

Q. I’d love to get you on my YouTube Series?

Same as above. Please, send an email to adam@theadamthomas.com with the subject, “VIDEO MEDIA” and let’s talk details.

Q. Social media?

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