Bluf your way to success – adam thomas on the product experience

BLUF Your Way to Success – Adam Thomas on The Product Experience

The one thing every product person needs is a new acronym that comes from the military, and Adam Thomas is here to help. Sarcasm aside, Adam’s made good use of the BLUF technique: Bottom Line Up Front, a short template, clearly laying out what the team is working on and how they plan to do it. He joined us for a chat about alignment, how this complements Mat LeMay’s One Page/One Hour approach, and why his template stretches onto a second page.

In this episode, sponsored by Amplitude,

  • Everything you ever wanted to know about alignment
  • The difference between Epics and Initiatives

Quote of the Episode

Any system starts to fall back into disorder given any amount of time, and alignment is prone to entropy like any other system.

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