person balancing rocks

If you build it, they will do nothing

person balancing rocks
Photo by Andrik Langfield on Unsplash

Season 4 Finale

How to talk to your customers with Brian Casel [#37]

Top 10 Avoidable Mistakes SaaS Startups Make with Rob Walling

Being expert enough with Nick Loper [#40]

Pro-Level SaaS Marketing with Corey Haines [#39]

Building with your audience with Brennan Dunn [#38]

Every billion-dollar company started with 10 customers. Those first few customers are crucial. They help you refine your product, mould your messaging and positioning, and create vital social proof.

The First 10 Podcast interviews business builders on their First 10 Customers – who they were, how they found them, and what effect they had on their business, so that you can learn what worked, and what didn’t.


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